Chloe's Pilates at Home

$20.71 a month after 14-day free trial

Chloe's Pilates is now coming to your home, with on-demand videos.

Subscribe and access Pilates-inspired workouts designed to be enjoyed and endured in equal measures. There may be moments you feel like cursing me but a beaming smile at the end of each session is guaranteed! Push yourself and you'll be fitter, stronger and mentally sharper as a result of joining me on this journey.

Cost: £20 a month (£16.67 above + taxes)

What is included:

•Every Friday morning a new 30-45 minute workout will appear in that month’s folder.
•Every Friday morning you will also receive a second, shorter worker that will appear either in the 10-15 minute folder or the 20-30 minute folder.
•You can also make the most of the archive if you want to work out more often.

FREE 14 DAY TRIAL - To kickstart 2021, trial Chloe's Pilates for 14-days absolutely free and download a printable 2-week beginners or intermidate plan to get your started.